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Born in Paris, Martine enjoyed carpentry and wood carving at an early age.
In Sweden in the early 2000s, she studied woodworking at Upplands Vasby Snickeri Skolan.
Living in Denmark since 2002, she finds a passion for drawing, watercolor and painting. In contact with artists like Anne Karin Court-Payen, Vladimir Voronin and Håkan Nyström, she evolves in the direction of abstraction and perception, with a recent interest for painting movement in sport and live musicians.
Her work expresses an abstract realism in clair obscur with a restricted color palette.
- 2024: Snekkersten, Cafe Vitus
- 2018: Cafe Overfor exhibition, Copenhagen
- 2017: Oticon, Smørum, DK
- 2017: Cafe Båden, Amager, DK
- 2016: Windsurf Nautic Easy Challenge, Amager, DK 
- 2015: 'DesignSpace Julemarked', Copenhagen
- 2014: 'City Light' exhibition with the artists' group 
              Kunstnernetværket Udgangspunktet, Copenhagen
- 2013: Cafe Degas exhibition, Copenhagen
- 2013: Cafe Mandela exhibition, Copenhagen


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